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Nonwoven Cohesive Flexible Bandage, Latex Free
Nonwoven Cohesive Flexible Bandage, Latex FreeNonwoven Cohesive Flexible Bandage, Latex Free
A LATEX-FREE cohesive bandage used to secure, protect, compress or support.

Specifications: Sticks to itself, does not stick to hair, skin and clothing; Latex free; Easy hand tear; Easy to apply and remove

Description: Our Nonwoven Cohesive Flexible Bandage, Latex Free (Model No.: CoCapro-LF) is combined with high strength flexible polyester and nonwoven fabric, coated with tiny latex free particle which allows self-adhesive properties.

1, Self-adhesion: Sticks to itself, does not stick to skin, hair or clothes.
2, Provide light compression and will not constrict over time.
3, Easy to apply and remove.
4, Latex free, causes no natural latex induced allergic reactions.
5, Soft, breathable and comfortable.
6, Easy hand tear, no scissors needed.
7, Well bandaged on every part of body. 
8, Stable and reliable cohesiveness.
9, Constant unwinding tension.
10, Good tensile strength.
11, Competitively priced.
1, Widely used in wound dressings, hot packs and cold compresses in clinical department.
2, Used in pack of homeostasis and fixation of braces and padding.
3, Used in treatment of edema and varicosities in lower limbs.
4, Used in first aid field and at home.
5, Used in belly dressing after childbirth to strengthen contractions.

1, Non-sterilizing products , please sterilizing before using in order to meeting sterile requirements.
2, Sterilized by ethylene oxide or cobalt 60.
3, Don’t use on broken skin or open wounds directly.
4, This product is one time usage product ,cannot be reused; if the inner packaging of the product is damaged, damp, or mildewed , Can’t be used.
5, After using ,can’t threw away at random,dealing with the products according to relevant requirements .
6, Stop using the tape immediately if skin irritation occurs.
7, Please keep the product out of the reach of infants and children.
8, Forbidden for pregnant women and infants.

Color Available: Tan, Blue, White, Red, Green, Yellow.
Sizes/ Packaging:

Item # Specifications Rolls / Box Rolls / Carton Carton Size (cm)
CPNC0025-LF 2.5cmx4.5m 24 576 51*40*36.5
CPNC0050-LF 5cmx4.5m 12 288 51*40*36.5
CPNC0075-LF 7.5cmx4.5m 12 192 51*40*36.5
CPNC0100-LF 10cmx4.5m 12 144 51*40*36.5
CPNC0150-LF 15cmx4.5m 12 96 51*40*36.5
Remarks: Sizes can be customized and packaging can be adjusted as required.

Validity Time: 24 months.


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